Sunday, 29 May 2011

Let me show you around…

Hi There, I’ve been thinking about starting my blog for a long time now and I have finally started to make it happen. I’m the sort of person who likes to be prepared (or procrastinates, however you want to look at it ) so it’s taken me a bit of time to move off the starting line.

If you want to know a little more about me head over to the About me page. But for the mean time let me show you around my crafty space and my crafty goods. Here is my crafty corner, where most of my crafty goodness is stored.

My Crafty Corner

The drawers are Malm drawers from IKEA. I had been thinking for a long time how I wanted to store my crafty stuff and there were a few criteria that had to be met. It had to hide what would inevitably be a mess, it had to fit in a small corner and it had to be on the cheaper side. Now at the moment all my crafty stuff DOESN’T fit in my drawers. I still have a couple of ugly plastic containers, but one of my aims while doing this blog is to reduce the amount of crafty goodness so that it WILL fit in the drawers. Lets see how I go eh.

I think the chest of drawers fit the bill pretty well. Now let me show you my drawers. The top drawer has my crafty equipment and tools. I’ve got cutting mats, rulers, tins of sewing knick-knacks, my iron and a few goodies from Clover and of course the essential hand cream and band-aids.

Equipment Drawer

The middle drawer is full of wool and yarn that I have gathered for a long time (I have to use some of it up!). Usually when I buy yarn I don’t actually have a purpose for it. I just buy the yarn because I’m attracted to the texture or colour (or price!). It’s naughty I know, I should really only buy yarn when I have a purpose for it, but when I do have a project in mind I usually don’t buy enough wool. Doh!!!

Yarn Drawer

Mmm soft, yarny goodness. Mmmmmmm.. ok enough of that

 The bottom drawer is where my fabrics and other miscellaneous things live. I really have to have a proper sort through and find out what exactly is hiding in here. Hmmmmm, I’ll do it later (Procrastinate much?)

Fabric Drawer

I’m sure you’ll see the things you’ve seen in my crafty areas being used. One day I’ll show you what’s in my ugly plastic bins, but today is not that day.

I’ll be seeing you soon,
V xo

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