Hey there,

I'm Vanessa. I enjoy being a crafty sort, but more often then not it takes me months, even years to finish a simple project. I'm also starting to build a bit of a collection of crafty materials and equipment that I really should use. 

So, I have decided to start this blog to give me some motivation to finish projects within reasonable amount of time and to use up some of my crafty supplies. My goal is to make lovely things to use and wear.

If there is something you should now about me it is this - I'm can be impatient yet sometimes be pretty relaxed which strongly conflicts with my other quality of being a bit of a perfectionist (go figure). So my style is very minimalist and simple. I don't add too much flare to my projects because it's not my style (and it adds to the amount of time it takes to finish them)

So I hope you enjoy sharing a little bit of my Simple Fibre Life.

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