Tuesday, 30 July 2013

::Show & Tell:: International Craft Swap

I got a lovely surprise in the post a couple of Fridays ago. When I got home from work I found a pink parcel with a British Post label had arrived.

As much a as I wanted to rip it open to see what goodies had arrived I had to wait because Mr S and I had to go to a birthday dinner for his sister.
When I finally opened it the next day I found these goodies inside.(the notebooks had fallen out :))

She sent a handmade notebook binder and ribbon bracelet.
There is also a notebook, pencil case and a smaller notepad + pen and a pad of small sticky notes.
The notebook cover is embroidered with my initials, the name of my blog and there is a design on the front in homage to the omiyage flower pouch I have as my avatar.

It was the International Craft Swap parcel from Catherine from At the Macx. Back in February Rachel of Houseof Pinheiro organised an International Craft Swap.[http://houseofpinheiro.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/international-craft-swap-join-me.html]

This is what I sent her back in mid April.

A cool little container made of fabric

A little coaster

ring made from a cute little button

Classic brooch

Here it is all boxed up ready for shipping (I threw in a box of Tim Tams!)

Swaps always fill me with self doubt. I always think, 'Is what I sent good enough?'.
I'll just have to get over myself :)

Anyway, big thank you to Rachel at House of Pinheiro and Catherine for this swap experience.
Until next time, I hope you are getting nice surprises.
V xoxo

Thursday, 4 July 2013

::Sewing:: Scout Woven Tee with 1 sewalong for me please

This was a dream to sew up. I made it over a couple of weeks. I did a couple of a adjustments though. I lengthened the pattern by 3 inches and I cut a 16 at the top and graded to an 18 from under the armpits to the hips.

I sewed it up a bit differently to the pattern. I sewed and overlocked the shoulder seams. Then using a beige store bought bias binding I bound the neckline. If I had used bias tape from the pattern I would have used this method of attaching the neck binding.

I set the sleeves in in the flat and overlocked the seams. I made a little booboo though, while I was overlocking one of the sleeve seams I nicked a tiny hole into the back shoulder. It was only a tiny nick I put some fabric glue on it and I'll see how it holds up.

The only other time I've set in a sleeve was when I did a muslin for this top at the end of last year. I think I prefer setting in the sleeve flat. In this case it worked pretty great even though I got a couple of tiny pleats while easing them in.

I basted the side seams to check the fit and it was ok. If I had made the fit more snug it would have been hard to put on and take off. Once I decided it was going to fit alright I removed the basting I sewed and overlocked the side seams and and hemmed the sleeves and bottom.

To hem I folded and pressed the hems at the finished length then folded the raw edge into the fold, pressed and sewed.

The fit of the shirt is a bit loose, but I think that's just the style. It's not getting much use at the moment being winter and all, but I can see this getting a lot of wear in summer especially as it's loose, light and airy. A great addition to my casual summer clothes. Although, I could probably layer this top on top of a long sleeved knit top.

From the side
From the side
- pulled taught

The fabric is a little stiff still but hopefully it will become a bit softer and drapeyer with wash and wear.
I'm popping this into the Sewalong on Kollabora. Not long after I had gotten the pattern and fabric out to make it Nettie from Sown Brooklyn announced her Sewalong.

From the front
Fom the front - pulled taught

So that it that. I will probably make this again in the future. I might even change it up a bit at take some inspiration from this (I'd made the overlap at the back) and this version (Like the colour blocking and the button down back) as it would mean I might be able to get a snugger fit..

So there you go, another garment I can add to my Sewalutions tally and my S.W.A.P. wardrobe.

Until next time, I hope your making things that you want to and ticking off some to-do's,
Vanessa xoxo