Tuesday, 29 January 2013

::Sewing:: S.W.A.P. - Stage One: Self Analysis - Lifestyle and Style

Stage One: Self Analysis

What do I spend my time doing? When it comes to schedules and numbers I'm a very visual person, I like seeing what's going on when I'm dealing with figures. So when I needed to look at how I spent my time I opened up excel and did a rough time table. I wanted enough detail to accurately reflect what I do each day so I created 30 minute scale to the left and each day across the top.

This is what I ended up with. I probably went a little too much into detail, but that's how I work. (Sorry for the rubbish image). The table shows that my weekdays are mainly taken up with commuting to/from work or being at work. When I get home in the evenings I schlep around the house making dinner then watching telly. I'm not sure that what I've put in the weekend part is accurate, as my weekends are always different. But It think it's a good enough guess-timation for this purpose. From the table I created the pie chart below. It tells me I spend far too much time watching TV and not enough time crafting and reading.

However, how does this help me when I'm looking at wardrobe planning? So I broke time table down into more general terms. Work, home, sleep and outings. This helped with the function of the clothes I should have in my wardrobe to suite my lifestyle.

Based on the pie chart 31% of my wardrobe should be work attire. 33% should be leisure/lounge wear for home. 2% should be smart casual for casual socialising and 2% should be nice evening wear for evening outings.

Now some people would wonder why I've included sleep. Well I spend so much of my time sleeping that I think it would be great to wear nice things as I do. At the moment I wear ratty singlets to bed, so I'd like to change that. However, 32% for sleeping may be a bit much but I'll roll with that for the minute.

What does that mean for my wardrobe planning? I can tell you now that my wardrobe is definitely not distributed that way at all.

What is my style?

CMB has a quiz to help you find out what style you are. The options are Creative, Dramatic, Romantic, Classic, Natural and City Chic.

I took the quiz and the result was that I have a Natural style. This means that I prefer comfort above all other factors when choosing clothes. It also means that I prefer more streamlined dressing, less clutter.

That sounds accurate to me. I don't like being uncomfortable in my clothes and I don't like to wear a lot of accessories. So with my style it's about feeling comfortable, looking good and not too much faffing about with details.

How about you? What's your style? Here's a fun style personality quiz for you.

Until next time, I hope you are loving the skin you're in and the clothes that cover it,
Vanessa xo


  1. Vanessa! This is why I love you. That spreadsheet? You are the best!

    The way you're going about planning your wardrobe is really cool! A scientific approach makes so much sense. Never would have thought of this.


    1. Thanks Kristy,

      Although I can't take any credit for the idea. Other bloggers that I follow have done it before. :)

      I just hope that I don't end being all contemplation and no action.

      V xo

  2. Holy Smokes!!! Can you send me this spreadsheet? I would love to do this. I need to do this! It would help with organising (and de-cluttering) my wardrobe. Dude really Kristy is right - you are the best.


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