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::Sewing:: S.W.A.P. - Stage One: Self Analysis - Body Shape

Stage One: Self Analysis - Body Shape

 After my colour self analysis post I'm going to move on to body shape. So the point of me looking at my body shape is I can make better informed decisions about what kinds of clothes will make me look good and give me an idea of what pattern alterations I may have to make when sewing garments. There is no point spending a load of time sewing a garment if it is never going to suite my figure nor fit properly.

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Now just letting you know this may be a TMI post for you as I will be posting a croquis of myself. Don't say I didn't tell you!


When I was looking at Colour Me Beautiful (CMB) the closest body shape to my own was the Triangle - heavy set on the bottom half and smaller on top. However, I didn't feel like this best described my figure. It wasn't detailed enough.

I have The Body Shape Bible by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine and decided that I'd have a look through to see if there were any body types in there that better suite my physical characteristics.

I couldn't decide if I was a Pear or a Cello.
The characteristics of a Pear are Small Bust, Long Waist, Flat Tummy, Saddlebags, Heavy legs.The characteristics of a Cello are Big Bust, Short Waist, Big Hips, Big Bottom, Big Thighs, Slim Lower Legs.

Now here comes the TMI part. If you are uncomfortable at looking at me as a line drawing in all my glory then I suggest that you avert your eyes and press the page down key a couple of times.

Croquette Croquette_side
Front View Side View

None of these suite me quite right either. So I had a look at CMB again. Hmmm. I took a look at myself in the mirror in just my unmentionables and I noted my body characteristics. (Sidenote: I don't consider any of these characteristics good or bad, they are just ways to describe my body.)
I have sloped shoulders - like a pear
I have a short high waist - like a cello
My top half is a smaller size than my lower half - like a pear
I have big hips, big thighs - like an cello and pear
I have big bottom, and slimmer lower legs ( I have large calves, but I have slimmer ankles) - like cello

I'm not too sure about my bust. I wouldn't consider it to be large or small. I had a professional fitting and was told that I'm a 16C/D - so I'm at the high end of a C cup and the low end of a D cup, depending on the cut of the bra. Sooo I guess I'm on the larger-ish end of the bust scale-like a cello.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I am a Cello  with the shoulders of a Pear.



That is a heap of food for thought. I think that's enough now. Otherwise this really will turn into a planning only exercise.

You can find the 12 Body Shapes from the book here.
What shape are you? Or do you not believe in body shapes?

Until next time, love what you see in the mirror,
Vanessa xo

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  1. I always find it interesting to look at what shapes people are. I'm not sure what mine is, possibly hourglass, although my waist (like the rest of me) is very sort. Bu any garment I have must always cinch in at the waist, otherwise it's a no.


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