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::Sewing:: S.W.A.P. - Stage One: Self Analysis - Colour

Stage One: Self Analysis

As a first step of my wardrobe overhaul in 2013 I've done a lot of self analysis. So this is a warning to you this is going to be a post very much focused on me.

The book that I referred to the most while doing my self analysis was Colour Me Beautiful (CMB) by Veronique Henderson, Pat Henshaw. It is a pretty good book and covers a broad range of topics regarding wardrobe. So the main things I wanted to cover off in this stage were colours, body shape, lifestyle and style.
I think these are the main factors that determine whether clothes suit someone or not.
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Determining which colours suite me best will help me make smarter fabric purchasing decisions. There is nothing worse than buying fabric because you like it only to take it home and have the realisation that it is going to look terrible on you.

According to CMB there are two factors you need to take into account when determining your best colour palette - your colouring type and your skin undertone.
I have dark hair and dark eyes which makes me a Deep colouring type.

To determine what undertone I looked at the underside of me arm (as the book suggests). I have a sort of yellowy tone to my skin. To make sure I compared to the Mr's skin and he is definitely a pinky toned person. So that means I have a Warm undertone.

Put them together and I'm a Deep Warm.

Now here are the colours (these colours aren't a 100% reflection of what is in CMB but they will do as an example) that people with a Deep colouring type can wear (at this point it doesn't matter whether I'm a Warm or Cool toned person):

Soft White Emerald Green
Ivory Pine
Stone Forest Green
Taupe Cornflower
Chocolate True Blue
Black-Brown Dark Navy
Black Royal Purple
Pewter Purple
Charcoal Damson
Primrose Blush Pink
Lime True Red
Olive Scarlet
Fern Bittersweet
Turqoise Burgundy
Teal Aubergine

The only parts of this colour palette I'm not really excited about is the Pink. I've never really thought about wearing yellow, but I'll give it a try.

Now as a Warm here are the secondary set of colours I can add to my palette:

Mustard Evergreen
Camel Salmon
Golden Brown Salmon Pink
Mahogany Tomato Red
Coffee Brown Rust
Moss Pumpkin

I'm loving the idea of mustard. I'm not to so keen on the Salmon colours, but I won't say never. I find that I'm naturally drawn to blues and greens at the moment. Which is kind of in line with the types of colours recommended by CMB.

I was going to talk about the other topics of Body Shape, Lifestyle and Style as well. But I think it would be too long a post.

Until next time, love the colours your in and around you,
Vanessa xo

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