Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's my party I can buy if I want to...Part 3

Hello hello,

How are you?

Okay let me finish up my achingly long story. This is my last post about my birthday. I left you at the end of Sunday. That brings me to Monday - My Birthday!

The day started off pretty slow. I did whatever my heart desired. and my heart desired that I sleep in, take my sweet time with in the morning. I made a hair appointment and when I had done enough schlepping around the house in my pyjamas I got dressed and went to the shops. I had a bit of time to kill before my haircut so I went to a nearby bookshop. While I was there I saw they had the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. I've heard good things about the internets about the original book and on first impressions it looks pretty great.
What a great find
They also had The Gentle Art of Knitting which I had read about here, here and here on Karen's blog Did You Make That. I flipped through and I wasn't too impressed, but now I'm reading it I'm quite enjoying (Shhh and it was cheap).
Really enjoying this read at the moment
Lucky for me the Mr's sister gave me a gift card for this bookshop for Christmas. So I just went for it and bought both.

After the failure of accepting my Sisters offer to have her ruffler foot, it made me want one more! I still had a little more time before my haircut so I quickly ducked to a sewing shop across the road from the shopping centre I was in and bought this....
An extra big pic of The ULTIMATE Ruffler!
...Ta Da! The ULTIMATE Ruffler! Oh YEAH! When I first put it on my sewing machine the needle didn't line up with the hole AGAIN! Argh! But upon inspection of the leaflet that came with it, I was able to adjust it and it fit! Woohoo! So I now have to get my ruffle on, no excuses now.

On Monday night the Mr's family came over for dinner and his mum brought over a giant box of yarn! She said pick what you want out of it. So on Tuesday night I dived it and probably kept about a third of what was in the box. Here is my loot...
More yarn!!!
All this yarn is from the Mr's Grandparents house. His mum is cleaning out their house because they have moved into a nursing home. So my friends, this is all delightfully vintagy goodness right in here! Oh yeah :-p
So now I have sooo much yarn I really cannot go buying any more.

And that is where my epic tale ends. I hope I haven't bored you to death. After this massive dose of purchasing and gifting I hope that I can settle down and start making some great stuff. Time will tell.

Do something that makes your creative juices flow,

Friday, 24 February 2012

It's my party I can buy if I want to...Part 2

Hello again,

So where was I? Oh that's right, I had just finished talking about Saturday. 

On Sunday morning I had a Birthday breakfast with friends. I received some lovely gifts from my awesome peeps. 

Ok. So technically these aren't things that I bought, but boy oh boy are they too fantastic not to share!

The fantastically creative Sarah of Stitching Lyrical made me this delightful necklace with a crocheted motif pendant, SO Great! She even invented the pattern for the motif and named it after me and everything! So cute and it came in a great box too. You can read about it in her post here.

Sarah's fantastic crochet motif pendant
My sister gave me this cute little wall hanging pouch. It's pretty great and it going to be a sweet nesting place for my bits and bobs. I need to find somewhere to hang it.
Wall Hanging Pouch from my Sis
My talented friend K made this leather pouch. A-MA-ZING! It looks sooo profesh! This is be a great place to hide my hoozits and wotzits!
Leather Pouch from K
I think my favourite part is the leaves that are stamped into the leather. Sooo purdy! 
Look at the back-Oooh!
My good friend J bought me a bag and IN that bag was a cupcake stand AND a Spatula Man! Heehee. Soo cute. I think I need to do more cupcake baking!
I'm a little Frenchy nuts at the moment in my life - so this bag is perfect

26 cupcakes coming up!

You can just make out his face-he has arms and everything!
So they were to goodies that I got for my birthday. Pretty great and another big thank you to my generous friends!

On Sunday afternoon my Sis and I went to The Fabric Store, which I heard all about from Steph's post on her 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World blog and it did not disappoint! I think my favourite feature was the fact they grouped fabrics together based on colour. Oh yeah! So pleasing to the eye.
Fantastic fabrics from The Fabric Store
There was so much lovely fabric in their but I had to limit my purchases. I bought (from L to R) some black acetate lining, navy cotton and lycra fabric and some floral cotton and ramie fabric.

That's enough for now. I'll tell you all about my Birthday on Monday next time.

Fondle some fabric if it makes you happy ;)
V xo

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It's my party I can buy if I want to...Part 1

Well hello there!

How have you been? Oh me? I'm great. Yeah, I know, it's been ages since I’ve been here, but I've got HEAPS to tell you.

My birthday was on Monday a few weeks ago and pretty much the whole weekend was a bit of a purchase party. I got lots of goodies, let me show you…

I have been lusting for an overlocker for AGES. I don’t know why. I’ve really only started sewing more. Aaanyway, I saw that Janome were selling a discontinued overlocker model for half price, HALF PRICE!
I thought, “Heck! I better jump on that ASAP!”
I did a bit of research and found it would be a good place to start for a beginner. I figured it was kinda fate as well, you know great sale around the same time as my birthday.

So on Saturday I dragged my sister down to the Janome shop and bought me an overlocker. Woohoo! I present to you my Janome 8002DX...
Say hello to my little friend-Janome 8002DX

This puppy came with 4 additional accessories too - gathering attachment, elastic attachment, blind stitch foot and cording foot - what a bargain!

Heady with retail euphoria I also bought a couple of sewing feet for my regular sewing machine-Janome MS5027LE. I was there already anyway :)
I got a gathering foot and a binder foot.
Binder Foot & Gathering foot for my Janome MS5027LE

Some of you would have seen my post about my binder foot lust on my Tumblr a while back, the gathering foot was pure impulse – naughty I know. I also wanted to buy a ruffler foot as well (a long time lust item) but they didn’t have any in stock. Wah! :’(

My sis had a ruffler foot she isn't using much so she offered for me to take it instead of buying one. I took it home and tried it out on my machine. It all was looking so promising, but the needle didn't line up with the hole. Bahumbug!

After buying my goodies from the Janome shop my sis and I scooted over to the nearest Spotlight (which is less than 1 k from the Janome shop - Dangerous combo!).
I had a little list of things that I wanted to buy, I didn't get most of the things on my list, but I'm kinda glad after having made such a big purchase not a couple of hours previously.

I bought a couple of invisible zippers, Simplicity 3688, navy blue with white spots cotton drill and some greyish blackish spotty, meshy printed cotton. I bought Simplicity 3688, a reprint of a 1940's American Sewing Guild pattern, mainly for the pants, I've been hearing good things around the blogasphere about these pants, so I'd like to give them a go when I get my sewing skillz up.

My Spotlight loot

Well I think that's enough of my Birthday shopping show and tell. To be continued...

Buy something you've been lusting for ages ;-p.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My First Knitted Neck Scarf

Hey there!

Somewhere in my travels on the interwebs I stumbled upon this knitting pattern on Martha Stewart's website and posted it on my Tumblr.
I later, after I had started knitting it, found that Purl Soho had done a very similar scarf BEFORE Martha which I posted on my Tumblr here.

I've made it following the Martha instructions and I really like it. Quick easy and a little bit fancy. I think I want to make more. I might try the Purl Soho instructions and see if I get a different result.

My First Knitted Neck Scarf

What do you think?
Ravelled here.

Fondle some yarn if it makes you smile
V xo