Friday, 24 February 2012

It's my party I can buy if I want to...Part 2

Hello again,

So where was I? Oh that's right, I had just finished talking about Saturday. 

On Sunday morning I had a Birthday breakfast with friends. I received some lovely gifts from my awesome peeps. 

Ok. So technically these aren't things that I bought, but boy oh boy are they too fantastic not to share!

The fantastically creative Sarah of Stitching Lyrical made me this delightful necklace with a crocheted motif pendant, SO Great! She even invented the pattern for the motif and named it after me and everything! So cute and it came in a great box too. You can read about it in her post here.

Sarah's fantastic crochet motif pendant
My sister gave me this cute little wall hanging pouch. It's pretty great and it going to be a sweet nesting place for my bits and bobs. I need to find somewhere to hang it.
Wall Hanging Pouch from my Sis
My talented friend K made this leather pouch. A-MA-ZING! It looks sooo profesh! This is be a great place to hide my hoozits and wotzits!
Leather Pouch from K
I think my favourite part is the leaves that are stamped into the leather. Sooo purdy! 
Look at the back-Oooh!
My good friend J bought me a bag and IN that bag was a cupcake stand AND a Spatula Man! Heehee. Soo cute. I think I need to do more cupcake baking!
I'm a little Frenchy nuts at the moment in my life - so this bag is perfect

26 cupcakes coming up!

You can just make out his face-he has arms and everything!
So they were to goodies that I got for my birthday. Pretty great and another big thank you to my generous friends!

On Sunday afternoon my Sis and I went to The Fabric Store, which I heard all about from Steph's post on her 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World blog and it did not disappoint! I think my favourite feature was the fact they grouped fabrics together based on colour. Oh yeah! So pleasing to the eye.
Fantastic fabrics from The Fabric Store
There was so much lovely fabric in their but I had to limit my purchases. I bought (from L to R) some black acetate lining, navy cotton and lycra fabric and some floral cotton and ramie fabric.

That's enough for now. I'll tell you all about my Birthday on Monday next time.

Fondle some fabric if it makes you happy ;)
V xo

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