Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's my party I can buy if I want to...Part 3

Hello hello,

How are you?

Okay let me finish up my achingly long story. This is my last post about my birthday. I left you at the end of Sunday. That brings me to Monday - My Birthday!

The day started off pretty slow. I did whatever my heart desired. and my heart desired that I sleep in, take my sweet time with in the morning. I made a hair appointment and when I had done enough schlepping around the house in my pyjamas I got dressed and went to the shops. I had a bit of time to kill before my haircut so I went to a nearby bookshop. While I was there I saw they had the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. I've heard good things about the internets about the original book and on first impressions it looks pretty great.
What a great find
They also had The Gentle Art of Knitting which I had read about here, here and here on Karen's blog Did You Make That. I flipped through and I wasn't too impressed, but now I'm reading it I'm quite enjoying (Shhh and it was cheap).
Really enjoying this read at the moment
Lucky for me the Mr's sister gave me a gift card for this bookshop for Christmas. So I just went for it and bought both.

After the failure of accepting my Sisters offer to have her ruffler foot, it made me want one more! I still had a little more time before my haircut so I quickly ducked to a sewing shop across the road from the shopping centre I was in and bought this....
An extra big pic of The ULTIMATE Ruffler!
...Ta Da! The ULTIMATE Ruffler! Oh YEAH! When I first put it on my sewing machine the needle didn't line up with the hole AGAIN! Argh! But upon inspection of the leaflet that came with it, I was able to adjust it and it fit! Woohoo! So I now have to get my ruffle on, no excuses now.

On Monday night the Mr's family came over for dinner and his mum brought over a giant box of yarn! She said pick what you want out of it. So on Tuesday night I dived it and probably kept about a third of what was in the box. Here is my loot...
More yarn!!!
All this yarn is from the Mr's Grandparents house. His mum is cleaning out their house because they have moved into a nursing home. So my friends, this is all delightfully vintagy goodness right in here! Oh yeah :-p
So now I have sooo much yarn I really cannot go buying any more.

And that is where my epic tale ends. I hope I haven't bored you to death. After this massive dose of purchasing and gifting I hope that I can settle down and start making some great stuff. Time will tell.

Do something that makes your creative juices flow,

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  1. What an awesome trio of posts! So glad you like the neckalace :) I love and am totally jealous of your amazing collection of goodies! Also I can't wait to see your self-made garments! I have a book I want to show you, so remind me next time we luncheon together and I'll bring it along.
    I always love your posts :) x


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