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::Blogging:: Top 5 Goals of 2014

I actually spent a lot of time in the first few days of this year thinking about what I want out of 2015 in the broader sense of life goals. I ended up with A LOT of sewing goals, but I think what is most important is the general intentions I have around my sewing. So here are my 5 themes for my sewing in 2015.

Keep trying new things
I really love experimenting and the challenge and problem solving that comes with trying a new technique or sewing a new garment. So I want to continue on that journey. Don’t let the “Perfectionist Monster” get in the way of starting projects with new and interesting patterns, fabrics, techniques; and have fun.

Play around with patterns and my pattern blocks
I enjoyed doing a couple of pattern hacks this year and it was an interesting way to reuse patterns in my stash. I want to learn how to use my pattern blocks to get a better fit with commercial patterns.
Drafting patterns from scratch is a lot of fun and I really like patternmaking and the critical thinking that comes with it. I’m so grateful that I was able to take a patternmaking course so I need to continue putting those skills I learnt into practice.
The mini patterns from patternmaking course

Sew more, buy & read less
As I mentioned in my reflections post I spend a lot of time “think sewing” so in 2015 I want to shift that into actual sewing. I have a lot of patterns and a fair amount of fabric. It’s a good exercise in creative thinking to use what I already have at hand. So that means sewing from stash as much as possible and trying quell the “Shiny Syndrome” so I don’t buy fabric when going to buy notions; and muting the “Me-too Mindset” when new patterns are released.
Most of the sewing related reading is online so I need to get myself off the screens (also, out of the books and out of my head) and in front of the sewing machine or in front of the pattern drafting table. Make my ideas a reality.

Continue my approach to garment sewing
My current sewing formula is a combination of planned and spontaneous projects. The planned projects are the ones in my SWAP list; which I’m very much slowly chipping away at. However, I need the freedom and flexibility to sew something on a whim too; like projects for The Monthly Stitch. It’s a formula that seems to be working for me at the moment, but I would like to crank up the number of FOs up a notch.
My sewn garments tally board at the end of 2014

Continue interacting with the online sewing community
I’ve really enjoyed the interaction I’ve had with people in the online sewing community this year and I’d like to continue to do that this year. Participating in The Monthly Stitch challenges and Sewcialist challenges that suite me are definitely something I plan to have fun with this year. I’d like to keep reaching out to other sewing bloggers through blog comments and Instagram, but I think I should narrow my focus down to people who reciprocate.

~Final Comment~
So, these are 5 themes for my sewing in 2015:
  • Keep trying new things
  • Play around with patterns and my pattern blocks
  • Sew more, buy & read less
  • Continue my approach to garment sewing
  • Continue interacting with the online sewing community
It will be interesting to see how much they impact my sewing in the coming year :)

Concluding #SewingTop5
Writing these #SewingTop5 posts has been lovely and challenging.
It was good to write a list of hit garments, despite my “perfectionist monster” seeing flaws in most of them. It’ shows that a hit garment doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect. Seeing what garments made the misses list and why was a great way to define what I should avoid in future.

Finding highlights from 2014 made me realise that it wasn’t a complete “meh” of a year for me so I’m really grateful for that. Writing down my reflections was a great way to channel some of the fleeting thoughts I’ve had about my sewing (and life) in 2014 into something comprehensible.

I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s post for the New Year; whether they’ve been #SewingTop5 posts or not. I think it's important to see where you’ve come from to inform future direction.

Are you a reflector? Or do you prefer to focus on the future?
Leave a comment below, I'm interested to read what you are :)

#SewingTop5 posts for 2014

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Top 5 Highlights
Top 5 Reflections
Top 5 Goals

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  1. This post is inspiring me to get back to pattern drafting! And of course, I'll be curious to read about your pattern drafting adventures this year as well. :)

    About your garment board - do you hang it up in your sewing space and fill it out as the year progresses? And are you starting a new one for 2015?

    1. Hooray for pattern drafting :)

      I hang my garment tally board so that I see it as I enter my sewing room. I do fill it out as I make a new garment. It feels good to add something to the list and it lets me see if I'm on track with my goal or not. I sure am doing one for 2015 :)


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