Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I'm moving - is Live!

It’s official, I’m moving. My new blog is live and so I’m going to be blogging over there now. Woohoo!

As I mentioned in this post it is time that I try something new with my blogging.  So, I’m pretty excited to say I'm moving over to

It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty good start. There are a few things that I still need to do like update the RSS feed and let Bloglovin know that I’ve moved. But for the most part I’m up and running over on Wordpress.

So come check me out over on and don't forget to update your RSS feeds (just in case my attempt at updating them goes awry.

Come over to the new site and leave a comment to say Hi!

I'll see you over at the new blog,


  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy the luxury of your very own new "home"! I wanted to comment there, but I'm being a bit dense and can't see where to post comments (sorry!).

    Now I just need to nip off to bloglovin to update there.

    1. Hi Béa,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. As it turns out the commenting issue was my mistake. Ooops. I forgot to tick the box that allows commenting. The things we learn :)


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