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::Blogging:: Top 5 Misses of 2014

Back to the #SewingTop5 :)

So I'll move onto the projects that taught me lessons about what features I don't like in a garment. A garment was a miss if there were issues with the fit or materials (construction) or if it rarely gets worn (wearability).
So with that in mind here my Top 5 Hits of 2014. The lest starts with the worst and works down to the... least worst.

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Refashioned Beach Dress

Refashioned Beach Dress
[Refashioned Beach Dress Post]

This is the biggest miss for 2014. I can only remember wearing it once and only at home.
Cross for 'wearability'.

I like the stripes, but ultimately the skirt was a little too snug and too short.
Cross for 'construction'

Teal Peony for the Lady Dress

Teal Peony for the Lady Dress
[Teal Peony for the Lady Post]
I can only recall wearing this dress in 'the wild' twice. Although, I've put it on intending to wear it out and then changed into something else on several occasions.
Cross for 'wearability'.

The terrible fit is what puts me off this dress. The clammy poly-cotton fabric doesn't help, but really I would tolerate this dress if it fit better.
Big cross for 'construction'.

Navy S2444 Dress

Navy S2444 Dress Post
[Navy S2444 Dress Post]

The 2 reason this dress has made it onto the list are fit and fabric. It's just too loose in the upper bodice and this is the same poly-cotton I used for the Peony dress above. Some of the seams are very puckered too.
Cross for 'construction'.

However, I have worn this dress out a few times and it a dress I reach for more than the peony.

Tick for 'wearability'.

Blue Paisley Sorbetto

Blue Paisley Sorbetto
[Blue Paisley Sorbetto Post]

When it gets hot here I do find myself reaching for this top because it's comfortably light, airy and cotton. In summer it's on a fairly high rotation.
Tick for 'wearability'.

As I mentioned in the original post, armhole gaping is the only thing that really bugs me about this top. I'm going to have to revisit making a simple tank and perhaps draft my own pattern.
Small cross for 'construction'.

Kimo-No Sorbetto Cobalt Rayon Top

Kimo-No Sorbetto Cobalt Rayon Top
[Kimo-No Sorbetto Cobalt Rayon Top Post]
This top is the start of my love affair with rayon. I've yet to make anything else in rayon, but oh boy do I want to. I really like how this top breathes and drapes so this is also a high rotation top when the temperature rises.
Tick for 'wearability'

This top only just makes it onto the list. The neckline, which I wrote about in the original post, is too wide and makes wearing this top an exercise in stopping the neckline shifting too much. The sleeve hems don't bother me. But that neckline....
Little cross for 'construction'.

~Final Comment~
So, even though this is a list of misses I still wear 3 out of 5 garments fairly regularly. I've noticed that most of my misses are from the earlier part of the year. Strange observation, I know, but maybe this has something to do with learning what to look for when picking a project. Learning and, more importantly, using techniques to make a better garment.

Most of the misses are because of fit. I'm hoping to use what I learnt in the patternmaking course to make better fitting garments. Interestingly most of the misses are woven garments and only one being a knit, but I don't think that really counts because it's a refashion.

Looking at my hits and misses for 2014 I've noticed that there is a lot of blue tones in my wardrobe. I find it interesting that there are no misses based on fabric colour/print; nor because of a style that doesn't suit me. This makes me think that doing the colour analysis and body shape analysis a couple of years ago are paying off.

Thinking about it now I'm thinking that a focus in 2015 should be making my style a bit more cohesive.

Have you noticed any interesting trends in your sewing for 2014?
Are you taking part in the 'Top 5' series? If so please leave a link in the comments. 
I'd love to read your 2014 top 5 lists :)

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  1. No bad at all, Vanessa! The first thing I noticed in your collage photo was all the blue tones. They look great on you though! It's funny how trends start to pop out when you put all your makes next to each other and compare them. As for your Sorbettos, I agree that you could draft a better fitting version yourself. Then you could crank out a whole wardrobe of summer tops and indulge your love of rayon. :)

    1. Aww thank you Carolyn. I guess I've found something that works and honestly I'm usually drawn to blues when I'm out shopping for fabric.
      I hadn't even thought of combining Sorbettos and rayon. You're a genius!


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