Tuesday, 9 December 2014

::Knitting:: Head Amongst the Clouds Scarf

The beginnings of this scarf go waaaaay back.
I got the yarn in a goodie bag I got from Sarah's 1st anniversary event (in July 2012) that was held at Threads & More back when they were in Sherwood.

Sarah has started making and selling laser cut wood jewellery that she crochets too! A-may-zing! Check out the Aunty Bea & Co Etsy store and Facebook page and Instagram!
I'm not getting compensated for this plug, I'm just sharing my friend's awesome-ness!

The yarn and pattern hung out in my stash since I got them. Meanwhile, the whole time I was thinking that I should probably knit it up.

I started knitting it earlier this year, following the pattern by Threads & More that came with the yarn. After knitting one ball of the two I had, it came up way too short. So I frogged it, which was a bit tricky with this mohair yarn because it is quite fluffy and got tangled easily.

I decided to cast on half the number of stitches and hope for the best. I struggled through and finished it. I prefer longer scarves, but it was free yarn so it is what it is :)

Here is the scarf on Ravelry where I've posted notes.

~Changes I made this time~
  • Cast on half the stitches called for in the pattern.
  • I changed up the row repeats a little bit *cough*accidentally*cough*

~What I Like~
  • It feels so lovely.
  • The shorter length means its not going to flap in the breeze and get snagged on things.

~What I Don't Like~
  • The yarn that I knitted twice is looking a bit worse for wear
  • A bit annoyed I had to frog it

~Changes for Next Time~
  • I may try this pattern again using some other yarn.

Notions None $0.00
TimeDidn't count the number of hours, but there would have been a lot
(* $17-ish Australian minimum wage)
Too many $

~Final Comment~
This scarf is so lovely and soft. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or give it away. While I was making it a few people were eyeing it off. So I might just have to give it to someone for Christmas.

Do you keep supplies in your stash for a long time before you use them? If so, what do you consider a long time?What is the longest you've kept a supply before you've used it?
Have you recently made something from supplies you've had in your stash for a long time?

Until next time,

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  1. Oooh what a beautiful scarf! That yarn looks so soft too. I vote for keeping it! :)

    I do buy yarn/fabric occasionally without a pattern in mind and will hang on to it for years waiting for the perfect project. That said, I usually TRY to have some idea of what I would like to make or else my stash gets out of hand!

    1. Thanks Erin,
      I'm very tempted to keep it :) but I don't think I'd use it as much as it deserves. It rarely gets cold enough here to warrant wearing a scarf for too long, even in winter. I have someone in mind who lives somewhere that gets a bit colder, hopefully she appreciates it. Otherwise, she'll be banned from the 'knit-worthy' list :)


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