Friday, 4 January 2013

::Sewing:: 2013 Sewlution Pledge

I've taken the plunge and I'm going to participate in Karen's (of Did You Make That?) 2013 Sewlution Pledge Jar. I'm a massive commitmentphobe when it comes to setting goals (now don't try and shrink my head over that!), but I think this is a fitting way to keep my eye on the prize of a much better wardrobe after deciding I need to step up my game when it comes to my wardrobe.


So I have pledges to make at least 9 garments in 2013 - here is my pledge (this is getting really serious, I'm showing you evidence!)

I've added a badge on my blog and added it to my Sewing Challenges page. It's on like Donkey-Kong.

Have you made any pledges or got any goals or plans for 2013? Leave a comment below :)

Until next time, I hope you're finding fun ways to challenge yourself,
Vanessa xo

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