Tuesday, 1 January 2013

::Sewing:: S.W.A.P. - Time for Change

Sewing With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

I read the other day that you should have two weeks between wearing the same outfit. I was horrified. I wear the same thing every week. Eeek! In fact if I don't do my laundry every weekend I quickly start running out of clothes :( That old 80-20 rule is very applicable to me. As in you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes, but not a lot that I want to or can wear. I really need to have a wardrobe overhaul. I've got a couple of weeks off over the Christmas break and I want to use some of that time to 'improve' my wardrobe situation.

So many clothes. So little that I wear!
So I have a goal for 2013 - I want to seriously sew clothes for myself. To do that I need to have a game plan to make sure that I sew things that I'm likely to wear because they suit me and my lifestyle. Hopefully, this won't turn into a planning exercise that doesn't go anywhere. (During the last #SewingSocial on Twitter I mentioned that "I'm guilty of being an 'over' organiser and an 'under' sewer. I'm forever starting projects" :-P)

Stage One: Self Analysis
What are colours that will flatter me so I don't purchase fabric that I like but doesn't suit me. What style of clothes will suit my body shape, so I avoid spending time sewing something that won't suit me. What is my style? What clothes suite me style? What sorts of clothes should I made based on the activities I do.

Stage Two: Wardrobe Planning
What garments do I want to sew? What sewing patterns do I have? What colour should they be? What fabric do I have? Making sure that my work clothes are as mix-and-matchy as possible. What clothes am I likely to wear in winter or summer?

Stage Three: Sewing and Wardrobe Cull
Start sewing and and blogging my experience. Once I've made a few things start culling my RTW wardrobe. I'd prefer to start making clothes before I do a cull of my wardrobe. I'm a person who likes options ;)

So there are my aspirations for my wardrobe and sewing in the new year.

Until next time, I hope you have some meaningful aspirations too. Have a fantastic New Years!

Vanessa xo

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