Sunday, 26 June 2011

Knitty Problem – Solved!

Hey There,
I left you last time with a half finished scarf that I had no idea how to fix…it looked terrible didn’t it? It was all loosey goosey and blech! (The photo didn’t help, but meh! )

Scarf all loosey goosey
A couple of days after my last post I sat down with my Marshmallow yarn and some much, much smaller needles and had a play. On the side of the yarn band it says you should use 12mm needles,

Look at the label-12mm needles. Pfft whatever!
but when I went into Spotlight the other day the swatch that was on display looked like it had been knitted up on much smaller needles and looked a lot better than what I had knitted on my 12mm needles. So to the person who decided that 12mm needles should be used I say FAIL!

So anyway, anyway, anyway. I went home grabbed my 4mm needles (and had my 5mm on standby) and I knit the cord between the puffs twice. Sounds confusing I know, but if you ever work with this yarn you will know what I mean.

I knitted a few rows and I liked what I saw. I wasn’t able to do my slanty stitch thing with this method of knitting because that would mean I would have to think too much so I kept it as a standard squarish scarf. I think that’s ok though, because the yarn gives it sooo much character on its own.
I kept knit, knit, knitting and then I ran out of yarn! It was only about 30cm long…

1 ball's worth - is that all!
and I only had 1 more ball of the yarn. Eeek! I had better get more yarn.

I trundled down to my LYS (for those who aren’t in the know that’s crafty short hand forLocal Yarn Store – that’s right everyone loves acronyms!) which really isn’t that local, I digress, and went rummaging to find more yarn. But they didn’t have any more in the same colour! *groan* I always do that buy too little of a yarn. So I came up with an alternative. I would have to buy a different colour and work something out. So I bought 3 balls of a darker brown yarn and went on my way.

When I sat down with my new balls of yarn and the section I had already done, I HAD to do some thinking, but it ended up being pretty easy. All I had to do was make the 2 ends the light brown colour I had originally bought and make the middle section the dark brown colour that I had just bought. Easy!

And now it’s starting to look smashing!!!

Marshmallow Yarn Scarf all lovely and snugly looking
That is all for now my sweets, until next week. Enjoy yourselves and don’t work too hard – it’s ok not to, the sky won’t fall

Until then, get your craft on!
V xo

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