Tuesday, 23 October 2012

::Show & Tell:: Fabric Purchases

I've been meaning to show you some loveliness I bought at spotlight when they had a sale a while back.
As per usual I went there to buy something completely unrelated and ended up with an armful of fabric and other bits and pieces. It was cheap and lovely and at $5 a metre I couldn't help myself.
I originally went just to buy a snap fastener kit, some thread for a quilting project I've been working on for aaages and an embroidery hoop for a project that I was meant to have completed for my 'get-together' anniversary with the Mr-that was in April :(

Anyway, anyway, anyway while I was walking around I notice that there was a sign for fabrics for just $5 a metre. I thought what the hell, I'm new to sewing and if I don't like what I make it's of no great loss. While I was rummaging through the fabrics I came across these lovelies.

Vintagey Roses
celia ptd cotton viole 112cm-2m

These colours always remind me of old style china tea sets
flower press ctn blues large blue 108cm-2m

70cms! What shall I do with it!
Passion Rayn CHLS Paisley in Latte 144cm - 70cms
This post has been in the wings for sooo long that I've already made something out of the Paisley. You can see it over here.

And as a bonus this is some fabric from the Mr's Grandmothers stash. I think it's upholstery fabric, But I totally want to make this into a lined pencil skirt.
What have you been stashing away? Yarn, fabric, other crafty supplies? Tell me all about it.

Until next time, I hope you're surrounded by lovely things that you have stumbled upon, or been gifted.
Vanessa xo

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