Friday, 21 June 2013

::Sewing:: First Pair of Undies

A long while ago I downloaded Zoe's undies and vest pattern. I bought her a cup of coffee for the privilege of using her undies pattern.

I bought some jersey and I wanted to make something NOW.
So I printed the pattern out and stuck it together (I did the Colette Laurel dress pattern at the same time. I haven't done anything with that yet but its ready to go when I am!) I cut out the fabric and sewed it up. I used my sewing machine, even though I have an overlocker. I thought for my first go I'd be better off not involving a cutting blade just yet.

I  didn't want to sew the elastic to the leg holes then sew the side seams. I wanted a smoother finish than the end bits of elastic poking into the inside. So I sewed the side seams then attached the elastic.

I tried them on and learnt a lot. So what did I learn?

Lesson 1: inserting elastic into a stretchy leg whole is interesting (read: fiddly as s###). 
I sewed the elastic flush with the raw edge using a zig-zag stitch then turned it under to the inside and sewed it with the tricot stitch.

Looking at some RTW undies it looks like they sew the elastic on, then sew the side seams then flatten out the elastic edges by stitching them flat to the inside. I'll have to remember that for next time.

Lesson 2: fabric and direction of stretch are very important
I read Rachel's post  which made me think of the direction of the stretch. That is why the undies seemed very low rise.
I also think that next time I cut out fabric for undies I'll have to take the method of attaching the elastic into considerate. I think I probably lost a fair amount of fabric using the stitch turn stitch method on this trail pair of undies.

Lesson 3: you have to make your elastic work for its keep
I made my lengths of elastic too long so they weren't keeping the fabric snug.

Lesson 4: I like a full coverage
Namely over my derrière and therefore/also sides that that come lower over the upper leg region. I think I'm aiming for a mid rise boyleg/granny pant.

That was my short foray into underwear sewing. All in all not a raging success but still a bit of fun and lots learnt. I'll try again one day. But not any time too soon.

Vanessa xoxo

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