Thursday, 26 December 2013

::Show & Tell:: Morning After...

Happy Boxing Day!

I hope you had a Merry Xmas Day filled with good company, good food, good presents and a nana nap :)
I had a pretty low key Christmas as the in-laws where we had lunch/dinner.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos. Doh! But we arrived around 10:30am and once settled in we sat around for a bit.
After awhile we roped Mr S 4yo nephew to help with making gingerbread from a dough that I had made the day before.
Not long after we had lunch and after that it was the obligatory quick clean up and food coma lounging. After a couple of hours we went into the pool for a dip.

We lounged around some more (gotta love some food coma lounging)
After looking at cocktail book the OSIL (Older Sister-In-Law) had brought we decided that we should make a cocktail.
Lucky for us we only live 10 minutes from the IL's (In Law's), so the OSIL and I quickly drove home to get our collection of half-filled bottles of liquor.

When we got back we concocted a grasshopper - delicious!
By the time we had done all that dinner was nearly ready so we got to enjoy our cocktails with dinner.

For dinner we had leftovers and just couldn't fit in another morsel so we didn't get to eat the pavlova that day. Not long after that we went home, had a shower and went straight to bed. It was 9.30!

So all in all pretty enjoyable and chillaxed.

For Christmas I got a bottle of Malibu from Mum & Dad and a 'Coco avant Chanel' DVD from Mr S (meaning that I bought it and he wrapped it :) )

I got a butane torch and a marble slab from the in-laws. I'm sure they'll come in handy.

But the big ticket item for the year was motorcycle helmet from Mr S. I got my motorcycle licence aaages ago, but I  haven't bought any gear to wear while riding so I haven't been on a bike since I got my licence. So on the weekend Mr S and I went and bought a motorcycle helmet.

This helmets really great because it's designed to be worn by people who wear glasses and the most exciting bit is that there is an in built sun visor :-O

Anyway, Xmas is not all about's about food too :).

I made a bunch of rum balls and a pavlova to take to the in-laws for lunch/dinner. I've only ever made a pavlova once before. I had a few booboos with my pavlova so it had a VERY rustic look about it :)

The rum balls were a massive hit (mainly with my older SIL and myself), but we didn't get around to eating the pavlova.So I ate some today with whipped cream and tinned fruit salad - YUM!....

This morning (Boxing day) we quickly went around to the IL's and collected all the stuff we took over yesterday. Other than that we are just pottering around the house. I'm hoping to get in some sewing/blogging this afternoon. So we'll see how I go... :)

What did you get up to? 
Did you get some goodies under the Xmas tree?

Until next time, hope you're having happy holidays,
V xo

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