Wednesday, 18 December 2013

::Sewing:: Great British Sewing Bee - Christmas Special

I just watched The Great British Sewing Bee - Christmas Special and I was so inspirational and fantastic that I had to share.

Grab a cuppa and a treat and pop this on and take a bit of time to get totally inspired for this festive season!

I was so taken with the clam shell decoration that Stuart made (around 30 minutes into the video) that I've found a video with some great tips on how to make one using the Clover Clam Shell Accessories Cases kit. (If I make them, I'm going to try making them just using cardboard instead of with the kit. Wish me luck!)

Do you think there are enough sewing shows on telly?  I wish there was more on Aussie TV.

Until next time,
Enjoy a dash of GBSB Xmas goodness : )
V xoxo

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