Wednesday, 13 August 2014

::Crochet::FO:: Pink and Grey Pippy Slippers

Recently I've worn my Brown Pippy Slippers in the company of others and have received lovely comments about how comfy they look.

Side-note: I can't believe I've had these slipper for two years.

I'm not often a selfless maker, but when it comes to my nearest and dearest my selfish making defenses are compromised. (I'm a sucker, I know)
So when my sister put in an order for some slippers in hot pink and grey, of course I said yes; but they would have to be a made of what is in my stash, which meant they were going to be a dusty pink and grey.

These seemed to come together pretty quickly. I might have something to do with making them both at the same time each segment at a time. So I did the goes of both, then the foot of both, then the pink heel and then the grey heel bits. They took me about a week on and off.

I do get a sore wrist from crocheting because I hold the hook like a pencil and flick my wrist to YO, but that's only if I go hard for more than an hour at a time. I find crocheting pretty mellow compared to knitting, because you're only working with one active stitch on the hook.

I made a few changes which I've made note of over on Ravelry.
Side-note: If you're on Ravelry say Hi :)

I crocheted the back seam instead of sewing it because that's how I roll :) and because when you're all snuggly and warm on the couch who can be arsed to get up and find a darning needle.

I forgot to record how much time it took me to make these puppies, but I'm estimating about a 8 hours, but it was probably more.

I'm just estimating how much the yarn was worth because I probably didn't even use a whole ball and they from my stash anyway.

PatternPippy Slippers from Meet Me at Makes - found hereFREE
WoolIn Stash~$3.50
Notions NA $0.00
Time8 hours (* $16-ish Australian minimum wage) $128.00

Not cheap for house slippers, but it was still fun to revisit this pattern and do some crochet again.

~Final Comment~
These are pretty cute slippers. I like the colour combo, thinking about it know though I should have put the dark colour at the pressure points of the foot (toe and heel) because they'll probably get dirtiest.
I hope my sis likes them, uses them and appreciates them :)

Question time:
Do you crochet?
Do you begrudge making for others?  
What was the last thing you made for someone else?
Leave your answer in the comments :)

Until next time,

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  1. Oh GOOD ONE! They look super cute! I love those colours together, too. xx

  2. Awww shucks - I'm starstruck!
    Thanks for the complement and for stopping by Pip :)

  3. Laura ( September 2014 at 18:13

    Looks lovely! I've always shied away from making socks in crochet (although I lust after the pretty knit socks that are much too advanced for my knitting skills), I find that my crocheting is too stiff and tight for it to be comfortable, although it could be yarn choice too. I can be both selfless and selfish when it comes to making for others; if it's in my comfort zone, why yes, I will go ahead and whip up a stuffed dinosaur (which actually I did just finish a couple of days ago!). But on the other hand, I want to spend all my free time making stuff for ME out of lovely fabric/yarns that I bought for ME ;)

  4. These socks can feel a bit strange initially, but I like to think of the knobbly bits to feel like masseur slippers :)
    They wear in pretty quickly though.


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