Tuesday, 28 October 2014

::Milestone:: I've been featured on PatternReview.com

So yeah.
I've been featured on PatternReview.com.

"Hi!" to anyone who has clicked over from over there.
"Welcome to my little piece of the internet. 
Take a look around. :)"

I'm a little bit excited.
I'm very excited :)

So I was minding my own business today when I got an email.

I thought,
"No. That can't be right"
So I clicked over to the site.
And sure enough there I was.

Oh you can't see me?

Ok wait.
Let me zoom in.

So, what do ya know.
I've now been a featured member on PatternReview.

Do you get excited when your featured, or get a compliment or get told you've done a good job?
How do you take it? Let me know in the comments below. 
I'm terrible at accepting compliments graciously. 
But I'm slowly learning. Very slowly :)

Until next time,

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  1. Congrats Vanessa, how exciting!! :) I always enjoy reading about your projects. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Carolyn,
      I really like reading your blog too. Loving the videos and serger updates :)

  2. How exciting is that!

    Pattern Review is a great site which I don't use often enough considering the wealth of knowledge there. Congratulations on getting some recognition!

    1. Thanks Jo :)
      I totally recommend checking out Pattern Review. It's really handy for pattern research, especially for patterns that have been around for awhile.
      I've been using it for years, but I've only just started posting reviews myself.

  3. This is really really cool! You should be proud!

    When I get compliments I can kind of be hard on myself. Sometimes I will want to point out the flaws or explain why it sucks or why I am the wrong person chosen, which is such a weird reaction! I'm trying to work on just saying, "thank you" which can sometimes be harder than you think.

  4. Thanks Erin.
    I totally get where you're coming from on the whole complements thing. I used to do the same, point out flaws or somehow dismiss the complement.
    Which (a) was silly because the person who was giving the complement obviously thought it was worthy to give the complement, I didn't need to point out the flaws, and (b) is kind of like throwing a gift back in someones face. So rude.

    So, one day I just thought "Damnit! I make my own clothes for crying out loud. How many other people do I know that do that? Not many, if any. So, there's not too many people out there who do the same so I'm awesome. I'm just going to say "Thank you!" or if I've had a few to drink I'll add an "I'm pretty awesome." :)


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