Friday, 27 January 2012

FOMO - Do you have info overload?

Edit: I wrote this post quite a while back but I wanted to share it anyway :)


In the new year I've been about doing things that make me happy and taking the pressure off myself. Which I think is very important in this day and age. We already have so many pressures and deadlines in our lives already there is no need to add more on yourself unnecessarily. I do like blogging here, but I don't want to make it a chore!

Talking about adding unnecessary pressure to oneself. I logged onto my Google reader today and there were 1000+ items unread. OVER 1000 ITEMS! What?! That's a lot of blog posts I have to read. Well, I don't HAVE to read them, but I kind if feel the need  to. I had a think about it and have decided I have a massive case of FOMO when it comes to reading blogs these days. "What is FOMO?", I hear you ask. Well my dear, FOMO is the acronym for Fear Of Missing Out - FOMO.


I love reading blogs, they give me insight into some of the most creative people's minds in all the world. But I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to adding RSS feeds to my blog reader. I keep adding blogs as my tastes change without doing a clean out of the blogs that no longer appeal to me or that I no longer find value in. I don't unsubscribe because, you know, just in case I miss out on something great. (Read as FOMO!)

Then there is the case of high volume RSS feeds. Unless you keep on top of them ALL the time  (in which case you must find value in the feed) they can get out of hand pretty quickly. I admit I have subscribed to a couple of these. :-( Because I might miss out on some great idea (that I will NEVER use!). This is how I get to the stage of having over one thousand items unread in my blog reader.

So over the next week or so I am going through my blog reader and cutting it down. I will only keep the blogs that I reference regularly. I spend a lot of time reading these blogs while on the train and sometimes at home and I totally want to make it worth my while.

It's funny I thought about this post this afternoon and as I was going through my blog reader I found this awesome post from CraftyPod on the topic of overindulging in online info and hoarding it for 'later'. Funny how that happens. You have an idea and you see that someone else has had a similar idea at a similar time. :)

Aaanyway... So how about you? Do you have a case of FOMO when it comes to online information? What about Facebook? Twitter? How do you handle the immense flow of information coming out of the interwebs?

Do something to make you feel more calm and less stressed.
V xoxo

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