Friday, 20 January 2012

My Motto for 2012 - Keep Calm and...

Hello there,

So, uh, long time no see eh. I've been on hiatus a little (or a lot). 
I have something I quickly want to share with you. My Mr and I went to Masters a couple of weekends ago. And I saw this canvas and instantly loved it.

This is my motto for 2012. I totally connected with it because this is something I would actually say to someone who needed to stop stuffing about and get their cuss together. The ladies in my office and I have a bit of a 'Keep Calm and... ' obsession at the moment. So it was very fitting. :)

[As a sidenote you can generate your own Keep Calm sign here. Have fun!]

Talking about a new year and motivations, inspirations and other intentions. I came across this great idea of a 2012 manifesto via craftgawker.

So how about you? What is your motto for 2012? Have you got any resolutions? Or would you rather call them intentions? Have you created a manifesto? Do you want to?
Leave me a comment :)

Do something to inspire yourself for the new year,
V xo

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  1. Such a great motto! I'm going to make a custom sign for my craft room that says Keep Calm & don't second guess yourself x


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