Friday, 29 June 2012

::Crochet:: FO Clapochet Scarf

I first stumbled across this pattern years and years ago. Well, actually I stumbled upon the knit original, the Clapotis , in about 2004 via Knitty, and then subsequently found Clapochet, the crochet (and IMHO, easier) version. So I've wanted to make one of these for AGES!!!

I finally got started earlier this year by trying out the beginning stitches on some spare yarn I had lying around.
My first efforts

When I finally worked out how to start I then had a think about what yarn I wanted to use. I decieded that I really liked the effect of having different coloured rows, but didn't feel like changing yarn each row. So I thought a verigated yarn would work well. I was at the shopping centre one afternoon and thought I may as well have a look for some yarn in Big W while I'm here and low and behold I found some great yarn at a great price. It felt great and I really liked the colours. Interstingly it's got a 70% wool and 30% soy composition. It feels lovely. And I decided to crochet it using a 5mm hook to give it a lovely loose drape.

Sean Sheep Rockband wool Pink and blue verigated
I bought 2 balls of yarn thinking that would be enough. However, after I crocheted one and half balls I decided that I would need another ball.

Humble beginnings (the green thing in the background
is my 'green' shopping bag I stored the Clapochet in)
She grows.
Gotta keep going! Nearly finished....
And this is where I stalled. I got to the point where I needed to 'squaring off' the end of the scarf again and it stayed that way for weeks and weeks. Then finally this weekend I resolved that I needed to finish a project. So I couldn't fall asleep on Friday night so while I was watching very bad late night television I finished this project off. Yay!
All Done! Close up of the striping.

I've Ravelled this lovely here. I'm already thinking about making another, but I'll probably take ages to get around to it.

Until next time, I hope you finish something and feel a great sense of achievement.
Vanessa xo

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  1. So pretty! Absolutely love this, if only I could crochet! Or knit even...


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