Thursday, 29 November 2012

::Show and Tell:: Weekend Shopping

Last weekend Spotlight had a 'spend $100 or more and get $40 off' deal. There were a couple of things I wanted to buy and a couple of fabrics in the catalogue that I was keen to have a look at.
My sister, mum and I traipsed off to the shops on Sunday morning.

I came away with these goodies. (The photos are a bit washed out, but that's what you get when you use your phone camera :) )

I bought this blue with spots cotton lawn

Some royal blue cotton drill

This peacock green cotton sateen (mmm sateen)

This interesting Japanese tana lawn

It seems I have a thing for cotton these days. But it makes sense as we head into a Queensland summer it's better to have clothes that breathe. I also bought black overlocker thread to give me more options when I finish seams. I also wanted a beige coloured thread, but couldn't find anything that grabbed my fancy.

While I was there and seeing as there was a sale on anyway (*cough* excuse *cough*) I bought this giant cutting mat too. I've been having to shift fabric around on my current cutting mat when cutting fabric out with a rotary cutter and I didn't like doing it. So, this was more of a nice to have item that I've been wanting for quite some time.

I was going to buy some sewing patterns while I was there, but then I thought to myself,
"Vanessa, you need to use the patterns you have before you go spending more money on patterns that you could be spending on Fabric!"
So I didn't :)

My sister bought some top pop poplin cotton. I've never come across this before but it looked lovely. So the next time I go to Spotty I'll have to scope this out.

I'm not terribly familiar with all the types of fabrics out in the world so I think I'm going to have to take a leaf out of Miss Crayola Creepy's book and make a fabric swatch book.

I have some idea of how I want to use the fabric I bought. I always do lots of planning in my head, but rarely put it on paper and so I forget. So I'm going to do a post on my plans soon.

Until next time, hope your doing some retail therapy to feed your crafty habit.
Vanessa xoxo

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