Sunday, 10 February 2013

::Sewing::FO:: Hollyburn Done!

I did it! I finished my first wearable garment for 2013! I signed up to participate in My Messing's Hollyburn Sewalong.

When sewing I didn't even look at the instruction sheet that came with the pattern I just looked at Rachel's fantastic instructions!

I was a little slow to get started. I didn't start until after the sewalong posts finished. I sewed most of the skirt last weekend and finished it up in the last few days. I wanted to wear it to a lunch I was having with friends yesterday for my birthday.

I did have a little hiccup. When I went to attach the waistband there was a difference in length between the waistband and the top of the skirt. Half the waistband measured 19 3/4 inches and half the top of the sewn up skirt was 20 3/4 inches.

Half the waistband measurement

Half the top of the sewn skirt
Luckily I had enough fabric to cut another waistband. I simply cut and spread the pattern for the waistband and recut the waistband.

I did make a few changes though...
  • When sewing the waistband down I overlocked the raw edge before sewing it down by topstitching around the bottom of the waistband.
  • I used in invisible zipper instead of a dress zipper 
  • I made a very narrow hem by overlocking the raw edges and then simply turned the fabric up just enough to hide the overlocking and then stitched it down by machine.
Skirt Front
Skirt Back
Now lets take a look on the inside....

Inside skirt front
Inside skirt back

Close up of the inside skirt front
and the different kind of seam finishings.

Things I would change.
  • I'd staystitch the top of the skirt pieces as soon as I cut them. This might stop the top of the skirt from stretching out, which is why I suspect there was a difference in measurement between the waistband and the skirt top. The skirt is a little loose. I should have shortened the top of the skirt top instead of lengthening the waistband.
  •  I'd overlock all the raw seams instead of using a bound seam finish. It would be a lot quicker than bound seams and I want garments that I can throw in the washing machine (on a gentle cycle of course)
  • My mother and I measured the hem to it would sit parallel to the floor, but it looked a little like a mullet hem when it was hanging up because the skirt sits lower at the front when I'm wearing it, but I ended up just hemming it as is. I think next time I'll cut the hem so that it sits parrallel to the floor instead of what I did this time.
And this is how I styled it for a lunch with friends.

Final word...
I love the skirt design. POCKETS! (need I say more) It's a very flattering cut and I love the colour.  I'm not entirely sold on the length, I may shorten it in future. But all in all I'm very pleased this skirt fits in with my S.W.A.P. and is a garment that counts towards my Sewlution pledge.

Until next time I hope you are making headway with your goals too,
Vanessa xo


  1. Looks even better in real life! You are so inspiring x

    1. Thanks Sarah. I think you're pretty fly too. I like that you do a lot of crafty doing. I do a lot of crafty thinking :)

  2. Very nice! That's one pattern I'd love to get this summer (when I'm no longer pregnant). It looks so versatile. Your skirt is fantastic!

    1. Thank you Liza Jane. I thoroughly recommend this pattern. Tasia did a great job!


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