Friday, 15 February 2013

::Show and Tell:: I've been shopping again....

Feb Haul 1

I went to Spotlight on the 2nd Feb to pick up a few bits for my Hollyburn skirt. I was a bit naughty and bought a bit more than what was on my shopping list.

Spotlight Haul (2Feb2013) 1

I didn't intend on buying patterns but there was a 'buy one get one free' deal so I bought a few that I've been eyeing off anyway.

Spotlight Haul (2Feb2013) 2
I've seen amazing versions of this Simplicity 2451 skirt about the place - crushing on So, Zo's skirt so hard!
I really want to make a shirtdress and after really enjoying the My Messing's Hollyburn Sewalong I think I'll use Sunni's sewalong for this Simplicity 1880 pattern.

Spotlight Haul (2Feb2013) 3
I was introduced to this Butterick 5681 by Scruffy Badger. I'm keen on making some business shorts for wearing to work during Queensland summers. I'd like to make a few sleeved jackets to add to my wardrobe so Simplicity 1780 is going to be my starting point.

Spotlight Haul (2Feb2013) 4
I've had a thread rack on my 'I want' list for awhile and they happened to be on special so I bought one. I'd also wanted some off-white overlocker thread so I picket that up while I was at the shops. I bought some navy blue thread for my skirt and some white and black just coz.

Spotlight Haul (2Feb2013) 5
I had trouble using my rotary cutter to cut out my skirt fabric so I bought some blades (however, upon reflection I think it was user error and not a blunt blade - oh well I'll have spares now). I got an invisible zipper and bias binding to finish seams for my Hollyburn skirt.

Feb Haul 2

Then I went again with my mama on 7th Feb. I wasn't going to buy anything, but I went for a browse and I wandered into the pop-up sale section. Dangerous move!

Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 1

This time I took some fabric swatches so I could buy some thread I'll have some ready to go when I want to sew up these goodies.
Spotlight (7Feb2013) 9 - Swatches
Here are my threads. You don't realise how many colours are our there until you have to try matching thread to fabric. Sigh!
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 2

I've got a specific top in mind that I want to make shortly and it requires a 9" zip. But for some reason in Australia we don't have 9" zips as a standard length. So I buy 10" zippers instead.
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 3

I managed to wonder into the discount section on this trip and was surrounded by sooo much lovely yarn ON SALE. I filled my shopping basket with a bunch of yarn then came to my senses and remembered my large yarn stash at home. So I just picked a few that I wanted. I've really been enjoying knitting lately and I'd like to try my hand at knitting socks. So I bought this yarn as a dip in the pond.
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 4

I want to have a go at knitting these socks two at at time and would need a circular needle to do this using the magic loop method. I haven't got a Knitters gauge and so I picked up one of those too.
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 5

I stumbled upon this yarn and I liked the look of the cowl on the band. So I picked up all 3 balls of yarn needed for $3, $3.00!
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 6 - Alaska Wool Stash

Here's a pic of the cowl.
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 7 - Alaska Wool - Cowl Pattern

While we were at Spotlight we spotted this cute cushion so mum bought it for me as a belated birthday gift. Totes cute!
Spotlight Haul (7Feb2013) 8 - Sewing Room Pillow

Until next time, I hope you're getting some lovely retail therapy in too.
Vanessa xo

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