Friday, 8 March 2013

::Knitting:: Test Run Bandana Cowl

I really liked the Purl Bee Pattern for a Bandana Cowl ever since I first saw it. Which based on the date it was posted on the Purl Bee website was October 2011. It's been sitting in my Ravelry queue ever since. Finally I decided last year in September that I was going to finally start it. I cast on and got to the short row part and just stopped and didn't pick it up again, then frogged it.

Then one day I was on Craftsy and there was a free class on Short Rows with Carol Feller. I took the class and knitted the set-in sleeve in some terrible terrible cheap orange acrylic yarn. That was last year, before the crazy of the festive season began. So this year after I knit the Pink/Grey Purse Stitch Cowl I thought it was about time that I knit the Bandana Cowl.

Now at the moment I'm on a mission to use the yarn from my stash. I have a yarn that is recommended to be knit up on 7mm needles. But I wanted to make a test the pattern out first. So I cast on some 8ply yarn on 4mm 80cm circular needles and used the magic loop method.

I was a bit disappointed that the bottom of the front was a but puffy. At the bottom front of the cowl is a section of short rows.

I think the puffing is because I wasn't using the recommended yarn or needle sizes. The puffiness settled down a little bit after blocking (which is why the picture above was taken on my washing machine - I had just blocked the cowl).

So that's my Test Run Bandana cowl. I really enjoyed the experience of  using short rows and I've made something that I can gift mini-humans.

Until next time, are you testing any techniques out?
Vanessa xo

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