Tuesday, 7 January 2014

::Sewing:: Reflection on 2013 S.W.A.P and Sewlution Part 2

As I was writing a post about my ambitions for 2014 I realised that it was morphing into a follow on from the post I wrote reviewing 2013. That post was more of a review of the results of 2013 and not about my headspace when it came to my ambitions for 2013 and how things panned out.

My idea about what my 2013 S.W.A.P. has changed. Initially I thought that I would sew an entire wardrobe in one year. Bahahahaha! :D I was never going to complete my S.W.A.P. in one year.
I do think however, that it was an important tool for me in my sewing journey in 2013.

It acted as a 'map' for my sewing to make sure that I make things that suite my colouringbody shape and lifestyle. Therefore, I hope, lower the chance of me making clothes that I'd not finish or not wear.

I kicked off my 2013 S.W.A.P. before I committed to Sewlution 2013 and it ended up that they worked really well together. When I was thinking about what to sew next for my Sewlution I just looked at my S.W.A.P. to find the next project to sew. This meant there was some flexibility in my sewing because the S.W.A.P. wasn't strictly a queue of projects. It is a 'bunch' of things that I want to make and so I'd pick a S.W.A.P. project that appealed to me most at the time.

I think this worked really well and after reviewing 2013 I think I was far more productive than I would have been if I had not had a S.W.A.P. or a Sewlution.

It's like the 2013 S.W.A.P. is my master plan and the Sewlution was a milestone in my journey from getting from point A (and entirely RTW wardrobe) to point B (a mostly me-made wardrobe).

What inspires you? Do you strive for quantity, quality or the journey? Or is it something else entirely that compels you?
I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below :)

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