Thursday, 10 May 2012

::Knitting:: Knitting Patterns Book Gift

In knitting news (well this news is a bit old, but I'll share it anyway) My friend D's really nice mum gave me a knitting pattern book insert from a magazine she bought. What a thoughtful lady!
Better Homes and Gardens Bumper Knitting Book
Here are some of my favourite patterns from the book.

This great looped scarf in fantastic moss stitch. It would be a great practice piece to get my moss stitch into gear. Although maybe a double moss stitch will drive me less insane :)
Mmmosss Ssstitchhh
This blanket cape would be fantastic for keeping warm on the couch, or even while out and about. It would probably take me forever to finish, but it would be sooo worth it. But if I'm going to be looking at making another blanket-esk thing I should really look at finishing this puppy off first!
Blanket Cape or if you prefer Blankape :)
These awesome scarves. The left and centre scarves are knit longways and the one on the right is a lace pattern. I might try that one. I've never knitted lace before.
Scarves are such great gift ideas.
This totally digable beret. I would probably make this in some really soft baby wool or something. I made a crocheted beret out of wool ages ago (you can see it here) and rarely wear it because it makes my forehead itchy :'(
Gotta keep the old noggin warm!
Then there was this scarf....
It's made from Katia's Park Avenue Yarn. There are are few interesting videos on the internets about how to use this yarn. This stuff seams pretty simple to knit, but it soooper ruffly. I'm not sure of how I would wear it if I made one. I think this yarn might be a bit of a 'trend' like 'Fluffy' yarn. Do you remember that?

That's enough crazy yarn lady ramblings for now :)

Until next time I hope you are participating in something creative that brings you comfort,
V xo

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