Thursday, 24 May 2012

::Sewing:: Sorbetto Top

I only just realised I hadn't published this post. FAIL. So I thought I'd better tell you aaall about it. :)
Aaages ago I made my second wearable sewing project ever and I think I've done alright for a newbie.

I used the fantastic Colette Patterns Free Sorbetto Pattern download. I cut it a pretty big, but I still like it. I mean come on it's my second wearable sewing project of course I'm going to like it :)

I think the fabric is cotton. Don't know. It's out of my Mr's grandmothers stash. I didn't steal it. She was getting rid of heaps of it - we've come to the conclusion she probably bought it to make curtains, so not the most comfortable fabric to wear, but perfectly alright to have a go at sewing something :)

Things I did differently to the pattern:
~ My front pleat wouldn't sit properly so I stitched it down either side.
~ I sewed the side and shoulder seams with French seams. The fabric was fraying a bit and I had cut a large size so I figured I had the seam allowance to do it.
~ Instead of attaching the bias binding using the traditional method I used a binder foot (blogged about here). I'm all about the gadgets and I bought the binder foot and had never used it before. I loved it. I'm all about gratification of a completed project asap :)

Things I would change next time.
~I think I would cut a smaller size and make it longer.
~I'd move the bust dart too
~I'll have to be more careful when I apply the bias tape. I noticed after I had washed it for the first time that the bias tape was coming away from one of the shoulders.

So I'll have to unpick the tape and resew. Oh well, it was a quick slap together job. But it was fun :)

Until next time, I hope you are sewing something you love,
Vanessa xo

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