Monday, 16 April 2012

Pyjama Party Sewalong - Cutting Pyjama Fabric

On the weekend I thought I'd better cut out my pattern pieces for the Pyjama Sew along. That way I'd have a whole 2 weeks to take care of the sewing part.

I had already printed, assembled and cut the pattern for a previous project. I initially thought I'd cut a large, but then thought about it a little took my measurements again and looked at the finished measurements of the garment on the envelope and decided I wanted to cut an x-large, like I did for the other pants I made from this pattern.

So I setup my cutting table, which is just the dining table with everything cleared off :)

my expertly prepared cutting space :)

I laid out the fabric and place the pattern on top, but the very edges of the pattern went over the edge of the fabric. So I decided to cut along the large line on the font of the pants and the x-large for the back of the pant.

I had to snip the front centre seam line on the pattern to get close enough to cut the front out properly (my trusty paper-only scissors for snipping the pdf pattern).

snips in the front centre seam line

Here is the back centre seam for the pants with my trusty pattern weights.

back centre seam line held down with pattern weights
When it comes to notches, I don't actually cut little triangles. I Just snip into the seam allowance. Timesaving and effective. I don't remember exactly where I learnt it, but I think it's fine especially when working with a fabric that is less likely to fray like this one. I might over lock the seams on these pants anyway to give a cleaner look inside. I guess it depends on how quick I am to sew them up.

notch snips instead of triangles
I cut the foot hole hem seam for the medium size, I think they'll still be a little long, but that's fine, I like dragging my hems on the floor in pants intended for homey winter wear anyway.
hem of my pyjama trousers/pants - I'm holding up the folded part of the pattern
One thing I did learn from this exercise is that I should really buy more jumbo hardware washers for paperweights.

Depending on how I feel about the final produce I might add patch pockets with the excess fabric, just because I can :)

That's all for now folks.

Have you cut anything out recently? What are you working on at the moment?

V xo

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