Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pyjama Party Sewalong - Sewing Leg Seams

Sewing the inner leg seams is the easiest of the easy steps for these pyjama trousers. I folded each leg right sides together (RST), matched up my notch clips and pinned the sides.
my pinning and you can see the notch clip, pinned second from the left
While sewing the leg seams I forgot to kick out at the foot end of each trouser leg. Exactly what Jane, the Pyjama Party Sewalong, from Did You Make That advised you should do! Oh well, I'll see how painful it makes my life later. :)
You can see where I forgot to kick out my seam. Oops!
You'll notice that I've sewn over my pins. I shouldn't do that, but I do for speed. Aaand because I'm too lazy to keep stopping and starting to take out the pins while I sew. Aaand because I wear glasses I'm not afraid that if my needles snaps it's going to ping me in the eye. So if you do it, it's at your own risk! You've been warned!
I'm naughty, I sew over my pins.
Shhh don't tell!
After sewing the leg seams I decided that I wanted to finish of the inside of these trousers nicely so they don't gradually unravel over time. So I decided to overlock the raw edges.
the newest member to my sewing team-Janome 8002DX
I bought it a couple of months ago, but it's still new to me :)
While I was overlocking I noticed that the stitch length randomly changed, but I think it came down to whether the blade was cutting the edge or not. If it was, the stitch length was as I had set it; if it wasn't cutting then the stitch length was smaller. Weird! Anyway it doesn't matter, all I care about is that my seams won't unravel into an oblivion.
the different stitch lengths on either seam - strange!
So after these efforts I ended up with two pyjama trouser legs. Yay!
my pair of pyjama legs - Woohoo!
Note to self, sewing fluffy flannel and wearing black jeans don't mix! Which reminds me I really should add making a crafting apron to my list of things I should make.

I'll catch you later with some further progress soon!
Hope your doing something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (but please don't eat any wool!)
V xo


  1. Hey there, I'm considering buying the Janome 8002DX but I'm still a little do you like it so far and has it caused you any problems? Thanks!

    1. Hi Serenaisis,

      To be honest I haven't used it a great deal since having bought it in February. I bought it as a first venture into the world of overlockers/sergers. For the light use so far it has done fine. The machine itself is absolutely a base model with no frills-at all. The attachments I got with the machine were a nice bonus.

      I'd totally recommend , if possible, to take it for a test run in-store before you buy.

      I hope that helps :)


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