Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pyjama Party Sewalong - Sewing the Crotch Seam

When I last left you I had two pyjama trouser legs ready to be joined together for as long as they both shall trouser.
2 single pyjama legs aren't very useful

So from here I had to turn one leg right side out (RSO) and insert it into the leg that was wrong side out (WSO) so that both trouser legs were RST. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Check out my visual below.
1 - Turn one leg the
right side out (RSO)

2 - Insert the RWO leg
into the other leg

3 - The crotch seams should be
matched up 
4 - Here you can see all the layers
Now the legs are
Right Sides Together

So now when I held hold front and back of the crotch seam and spread it out I got a lovely big smiley crotch single crotch seam.
matching crotch seams

Now when I pinned together this seam I started by matching up the seams that had been created by each trouser leg.
matching leg seams

I pinned on either side of the seams as I find this stops the seam allowances (SA) from moving around too much as I'm sewing over them.
securing the seam allowances from the leg seams
matched up 
here you can see the back of the seam pinning

After matching up the seams I pinned together the notches at both ends of the seam.
pinning notch seam clips

Then I just pinned at regular intervals along the crotch seam between the start and end, notch and trouser leg seam pinning I had already done.
pinning on the crotch seam

Then I just s l o w l y sewed the curved seam.
sewing over the pins - AGAIN!

Check my awesome seam crossover section. I'm pretty pleased with it.
pant leg and crotch seam crossover.

I pressed the seam open by laying first the front and then the back over the pointy end of an ironing board.
pressing the crotch seam open

To make the inside look nice and neat, and hopefully make my pyjama trousers snuggly-ness last heaps longer-er, I overlocked the seam allowances of the crotch seam.
One side down, the other to go

While I had the overlocker out I thought I may as well do the waist and leg openings too (this is mainly because I'm a lazy bum and just wanted to put my overlocker away :) )

overlocked waist opening

....And here we are, ready for the final step.
almost done.....

That's all....for now... folks,
V xo

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