Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pyjama Party Sewalong? I'm in!

I'm totally excited tell you I'm participate in my very first sewalong. Karen of Did you Make That is having a Pyjama Party Sewalong and I'm going to join in!

This is just what the wardrobe ordered. Coming into the Australian autumn/winter I really would like another pair of long pyjama bottoms to lounge about in. Flannel if you please! The plan is to use the same pattern I used to make my first ever wearable project ever. My house pants that I told you about here.

You can find the free simplicity pattern for PJ pants here.
I'm going to be using some fantastic bright orange fabric I got from the Mr's mother/grandmother. The Mr and his mother both think it's an atrocious design, but I love it :).

I started the wheels in motion this evening when I washed it and hung it to air.

Fantastic orange flannel drying
The big reveal is on Saturday 28 April, 2 weeks away. Which is heaps of time and a realistic goal for a newb, but knowing my history I'll wait until the last minute. Here's hoping I keep on track.

Anyway, I'm off to iron some other fabric from the Mr's grandmother. I'll take some piccies to share later.

What's got you excited lately?

V xoxo

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