Thursday, 18 April 2013

::Sewing:: Housewarming Hot Pads

About a month ago I went to a friends housewarming. I wanted to made her something, but it had to be something useful. I'm not a fan of giving people frivolous useless things. I like the idea of people using the things I give them and thinking "Ooh, that's right, Vanessa gave me this"

So I wracked my brain, "What could I get someone who has just bought their own home..." I finally came to the conclusion that I'd make some hot pads. You now. The things you put under a hot pot to protect the kitchen bench. I've found that you can never have too many. Especially when entertaining.

I stumbled upon this great video. Then along my journeys I found out about Insul-bright. So I popped down to my local Spotlight & picked up some Insul-bright and some lovely fabric then got
home & set to work. After lots of cutting, struggling with sewing lots of layers and maybe a little (read: a Iot) of cursing l made 2 hot pads.

I ended up sewing the layered top together first then sewing all the layers and Insul-bright together. The hot pads had 2 layers of Insul-bright to make sure that as little heat as possible got through. I wouldn't want my gift to be faulty! I think next time I'd layer the top, then a layer of natural batting-like cotton or bamboo, a layer of Insul-bright then the bottom layer.

I sneakily (or lazily) popped the gifts into a container I was returning to the hostess. She didn't find them until the next day when she had sometime to do some tidying. :)

Until next time, I hope your making gifts for friends,
Vanessa xo

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