Saturday, 22 March 2014

::DIY:: Fabric Covered Canvas

I bought a fat quarter of some fabulous fabric a few weeks back and I just adored it. I liked it so much that I decided that I didn't want to use it for a sewn project.
I've had this blank canvas for aaages. I've even toted it with me when I moved...twice.
So why not put them together. But how…. Hmmm. Mr S had a handy-dandy staple gun in his shed of treasures (and junk).

I thought it would look great to cover the canvas with the fabric, BUT it wasn't big enough. WHAT!!!
I wasn't going to go and buy another canvas, I want to use what I have. Damnit! Then I had a brain-wave. I'll use another bit of fabric to cover the rest of the canvas.

So for this project I used:
-a blank painters canvas
-a stable gun
-printed floral fat quarter
-contrast fabric

To start I pressed the fabric that was to be used on the canvas.

Next was playing with the placement of fabrics.
When I was happy with the placement I flipped the canvas over and started stapling.
I stapled along the top of the floral fabric and then the bottom. Then I did the side attached to the canvas and the corners. Keeping it juuust taught. I didn't want to stretch the fabric.

Next was attaching the contrast fabric. I wanted a nice edge so I folded the fabric and pressed it. Like the floral fabric, I attached the top, the bottom then the side and corners.
All done!

~What I Like~

  • Using supplies out of my stash
  • The fabrics getting used and being on display

~What I Don't Like~

  • The corners of the contrast fabric are a bit bulky
  • The overlocked (serged) edge of the floral fabric is a bit bulky under the contrast fabric
  • I cut the contrast fabric on the crosswise grain, so it stretched when I attached it.

~Changes for Next Time~

  • I'd try sewing the patterned fabric to the contrast band, but then I'd have to be careful not to stretch that seam too much.
  • I'd reduce the bulk at the corners of the contrast fabric by not folding the fabric in half, but make a small fold instead.
  • Making sure to cut the fabric on the straight grain to make sure it doesn't stretch when attaching it to the canvas.
So that's an easy way to make some artwork from pretty fabric you would like on display.

Fabric2 fat quarters$6.00ish
  • Canvas Frame - in stash for ages FREE
Time0.5 hours (* $16-ish Australian minimum wage) $8.00

~Final Comment~
I'm really pleased with the end result. It's in my bedroom hanging above my bedside table.

Have you made something to decorate your home? What was it?
Tell me in the comments below :)

Until next time,

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