Tuesday, 25 March 2014

::Sewing:: Stretchy Squishy Bean Cushion Cover

This squishy bean cushion came into my life about 10 years ago.
It was showing its age. The stretch fabric was getting all saggy from be squished too much.
I really should have thrown it out, but I still like it.
So I made a cushion cover.

My sister has heaps of stretch fabric scraps so I had a look through her stash and found something I liked. To make the cover I folded the fabric in half and cut out a rectangle that allowed me to use as much of the fabric as possible. I overlocked (serged) all the edges and left a little opening along one side.

I was going to cut the original cushion open and try to pour the beans into the new cushion, but then decided against it after I imagined the beans going everywhere. I stuffed the original cushion into the new cover.

I didn't know how I would close up the opening. I was going to try wrangling it under the sewing machine, but then couldn't be bothered fighting that fight because the beans weren't going to go anywhere and just sewed it closed by hand using a ladder stitch. I might have to undo it and just use a whip stitch.

You could probably make squishy bean cushion just by making a stretch cushion cover and regular bean bag beans if you were super keen. But in that could you would definitely have to sew the opening closed by machine.

Fabric0.25 m from my sis' stashFREE
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Time0.5 hours (* $16-ish Australian minimum wage) $8.00

~Final Comment~
The new cover is a bit smaller than the original and the fabric is a bit firmer too, but that's ok. I still like my squishy cushion.

Have you had to make repairs to something you weren't ready to throw out? What was it?
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you :)

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  1. I have a squishy cushion with those beans! The family is always fighting over it. You have inspired me to find a super girly one and I might have a fighting chance.


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