Wednesday, 19 February 2014

::Ponderings::Do you have Schizocraftia?

Well, do you? What do you mean you don't know how to check to see?

There is a quiz posted on The Aftercraft so you can check to see if you suffer from Schizocraftia.

Here are my answers…

1.) You have skipped meals because you are too busy making things. one point

2.) You have been late for appointments, work etc because you have been crafting. one point
                Yep – (Tally: 1 point)

3.) Have have done both 1. and 2. in the same day. two additional points
                Not yet

4.) You have started a new project even though you have 5 unfinished ones... because this one will be quick right? one point
                Of course! – (Tally: 2 points)

5.) You understand that crafting is about WANT not NEED. one point
                Is it though? – (Tally: 3 points)

6.) You have more drawers full of fabric/crafting supplies than you do clothing. two points
                *sigh* it’s true – (Tally: 5 points)

7.) You own more than 4 pairs of scissors.            two point
                Sad, but true – (Tally: 7 points)

8.) You have a "special" pair of scissors.  one point
                You know it! – (Tally: 8 points)

9.) Your sewing machine has a name. one point for each machine

10.) You read that and thought that is a great idea. one point
                *blushes* how did you know? – (Tally: 9 points)

11) You have fabric that is older than your children/job/pet. two points and additional 3 points if you have fabric older than you.
                Probably – (Tally: 11 points) &  So, I have some hand me downs… - (Tally: 14 points)

12) You feel nervous bringing home new stuff in case your partner notices. "MORE? Really?"  two points
                Not really

 13) Some days you secretly wish you didn't require sleep so you could get more done. one point
                No, I like sleep way too much.

14) You have pulled more than one 4am'er so you can finish before your deadline. two points
                Nope, see answer to previous question :)

15) Your inability to walk past a craft store without "just a peek" one point
                Yep – (Tally: 15 points)

16) You go to craft fairs and end up holding out buying things because you think you can make it cheaper AND better. one point
                That’s definitely happened – (Tally: 16 points)

17) You do or have spent more on crafts than food. two points
                Once or twice – (Tally: 18 points)

18) You would rather spend more on crafts than food. one point
                Hmm, haven’t really thought about it, No.

19) Your stash will out live you.
                Probably – (Tally: 19 points)

20) You have more glue and tape in your supply cupboard than your significant others tool box....( and they are kinda jealous about that.) one point
                Not quite ;)

21) You've have had the equivalent to road rage... which I will call Machine rage... if you don't understand this.. you probably haven't had it. one point
                That’s probably happened – (Tally: 20 points)

22) You own a small rain forest of books and magazines... and have managed to complete at least 2 projects from them. 3 additional points if you have NEVER made something from your books/magazines.
                Hmmm I can think of 2 things that I've made using my craft books – (Tally: 21 points)

21 Points! Looks like I've got a case of Schizocraftia.

Do you have a case of Schizocraftia?
Hope over to The Aftercraft to take the quiz :) 

Oh! If you feel like it come back here and leave a comment below with your diagnosis, I'd love to hear how Schizocrafty everyone is  :)

Until next time,

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