Wednesday, 12 February 2014

::Top Tip:: Getting Grease Out of Fabric

Back when I showed you my Navy S2444 Dress I mentioned that I had gotten grease on the bodice.

I ran it through the was and the stains didn't come out. I was devastated. I have had other clothing get grease stains that didn't come out. So I hit the internet searching for how to remove grease from cotton and cotton blend fabric (the dress is made of a poly cotton).

There was a lot of advice out there. There was some for vinegar, bicarbonate soda, baby powder, toothbrushes. *sigh* But the simplest solution I came across soap. Which makes sense as dish soap is designed to remove grease.

"It is I. Dish Soap. To the rescue with my tea towel cape!"
I just put a couple of drops on each stain. Worked it in with my hands and rinsed thoroughly a few times. I let the dress dry to see if it had worked. It had so I then ran it through the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Phew. What a relief!

Here is a great reference if you get grease on your favourite clothes.

Have you ever been devastated by damage to your favourite clothes? What did you do?
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  1. What a great tip, I must remember that. And I love the superhero washing up liquid bottle!! Lynne

  2. Thanks Lynne. He certainly came to my rescue :)


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