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::Sewing::FO:: Navy Paisley Sorbetto

"You're a pretty hedge......"
"Oh hey!"
"No, I wasn't just talking to the hedge. I'm just standing..."
"Well, this is awkward"
"Hey, let's dance!"
"You're not dancing..."
"Alright, I'll make you dance with my kung fu moves!"
"Why am I wearing a hat? I'll give you a clue.
It starts with B and ends with ad-hair-day"
I've worn my tawny Sorbetto (mentioned in this post) nearly to death. So it's about time that I make another Sorbetto to put into my wardrobe rotation (I never wear this one).

I cut the fabric for this out in front of the TV as a break when I was making my Navy S2444 dress. I've had the fabric in my stash for over 12 months (I know because I showed to you here). It's a cotton Japanese Tana Lawn.

I sewed this over the past week in 3 x 2 hour-ish sessions. The part that took the longest was binding the armholes and neckline.

As this top is a navy bluey colour I'm going to count it as a Sewcialists Blue February make. Oh Yeah!

~Changes I made this time~

  • I raised the back neckline. I found the shoulders on the tawny one I made slip and slide all over the place so I thought raising the back neckline would fix that.

~What I Like~

  • I really like the colour and print of this fabric. The main navy colour is part of my colour palette.
  • I like that its a light and airy fabric. Something really important for warm Brisbane weather.
  • I like the raised back neckline, as it does stop the shoulders slipping around.

~What I Don't Like~

  • The armholes gape a bit so my bra peaks out sometimes.
  • The front neckline gapes a bit too, but that's probably got something to do with the quick and dirty neckline binding I did - Progress not perfection ;)
  • It's a bit shorter than the tops I tend to be wearing these days, but looking at the pics it looks ok.
  • I prefer sleeves to cover up my "cuddly" and pastey white upper arms.

~Changes for Next Time~

  • I think some of the armhole and neckline gaping is because the top halve of the garment is too big. To overcome this I should make it in a smaller size and do a Full Bust Adjustment.
  • Maybe add an inch or 2 in length.

After my last post I thought it would be interesting to track the "value" of a garment. Although I should mention that a lot of these numbers and amounts a very rough. So expect a lot of "ish"es :).
Fabric1.5ish metres (but there a some scraps)$18.60
  • bias binding - a metre and a half-ish = $1.05ish
  • Thread - a third-ish of a 100m spool = $0.90ish
Time6-ish hours (* $16-ish Australian minimum wage) $96.00

Wowzers! When I see those numbers it blows my mind. It hits home about the 'true' cost of making something. It makes me wonder too about how shops make their clothes so cheap.
The time cost is interesting. I really enjoy making things so I don't really consider time as a dollar value when I'm making something.

~Final Comment~
Overall I am pretty pleased with my second (wearable) Sorbetto.

What do you need to add to your wardrobe rotation?
What do you think about the cost of clothes at the shops?

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